Donut Maker / Batter Dispenser

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How to make doughnuts with Donut Maker / Dispenser:-  

Batter recipe:-

Mix 500ml water with 500gr flour and 50gr yeast, in a bowl, to a smooth consistency.  Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and leave for 60 minutes.  Fill a deep fryer and with oil and heat to 180 degrees.

Dispense batter with Donut Maker / Dispenser:-

Pour the batter into the Donut-Maker / Dispenser.  Place your forefinger and middle finger through the loops and press the trigger with the thumb and release quickly to release a dough ring into the hot oil.  Repeat for each doughnut.  Adjust the thickness of the doughnut by screwing or unscrewing the valve on the bottom of the donut maker.



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