How to place an order

New to online shopping? How do I place an order?

After you arrived at, you will see the  'Add to Cart' button next to each item. Select this button to add items to the cart.  You can remove items from the cart if you change your mind (see notes on 'View cart' below).

The 'Quantity' shown next to the item is the number of items in stock. This is not the number that you ordered.  You can change the number that you want to order when you 'View cart' (see below). 

 Two new buttons appear after you selected 'Add to Cart'.

You can 'Continue Shopping' and add more items to the cart in the same way as described above.

You can view the items in the cart in two ways:  You can select the 'View cart' button next to the item or you can select the Cart icon in the top right corner of the screen.


Both the 'View cart' and the Cart icon will take you to the page below where you can change the number of items to order, add a note to the seller and agree to the Terms and Conditions.  If you want to empty the cart, change 'Quantity' to 0.


Save changes by selecting the black 'Update Cart' button.

To complete the order, select the purple 'Check Out' button.

If you selected more items than what is in stock, a warning message, 'Inventory Issues' will appear.

First time buyers will be required to complete their shipping method and shipping address .  Please enter the delivery address (shipping address) where you want the parcel to be delivered to.  This can be your work or home address.  Please note that courier companies do have limitations to delivering to some remote areas like farms, mines etc.  Please contact the Lamay office at 082 940 3120 if needed.  There is an option at the bottom of this page to 'Save this information for next time'

(If you intend to buy from Lamay more often, you can create an count by selecting the 'Sign In' option next to the Cart icon in the top right corner of the page. Most of the required information will be very similar to those described here).

Select 'Continue to Shipping Method'

Please 'Edit' the Shipping method

You will have the options similar to the picture below (options and prices may differ over time):



'Continue to payment method'

You can select either PayFast or Bank Deposit.





If you select PayFast you will see two options: Instant EFT or Card Payment.

For Instant EFT, please follow the instructions on the page carefully.

For Card Payment, select one of the three card options as indicated below.

 In the picture above a small number is printed in the top left corner:

Lamay - 7805549969457  This is NOT your ORDER NUMBER.  This is the PayFast reference number.

As mentioned above, you have to select one of the three card icons (Visa / InstantEFT / Bitcoin) and completed the payment if you selected the PayFast option.  Some people tend to skip this step, then Select Complete Order and do a EFT/Internet transfer.  These transactions are difficult to trace and may delay your order. If you want to do an EFT/Internet transfer, please select Bank Deposit and not PayFast on the previous page.

When you select Bank Deposit, please follow the instructions on the page carefully.  Bank details for Lamay are given on the Check Out page.  There is also a link to Banking Details at the bottom of each page.

Select the correct 'Billing address' options below and select 'Complete order'


You will receive an email with your order number and order details.  If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please contact the Lamay office at 082 940 3120 or to prevent any delays.